Murat Askin takes one step further in travel with Compare Travel Market

Murat Askin takes one step further in travel with Compare Travel Market.

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I live in UK London and work for Low Cost Holidays as a sales assistance. Also I project managed my own Comparison site Compare Travel Market and currently working on SEO strategies for the company. I love working online tackling tough marketing tricks.

I enjoy a challenge in work and life. I have been working  at Low Cost Holidays for the last 4 years. I have worked hard and become one of Low Cost Holidays top seller. In my own company my online challenges include creating great content using my knowledge and finding channels to successfully scale it. I love working on new ideas, big dreams, good art work and bringing it to be live online.

I am a travel adviser and a professional travel expert, SEO consultant, content marketer. I now organise marketing strategies in Compare Travel Market, SEO and content writing as well as my sales job. Follow my blogs and travel tips on Twitter, FacebookGoogle+, Pin it and enjoy it. !!! We primarily exist in order to help our valued holiday-makers to find the best, yet cheap holidays treats and deals in United Kingdom. There are so many destinations and deals that we can offer. From our years of experience in this field, we are able to develop great holiday packages that you will surely love, whether you are travelling with friends, family, loved ones or alone. We are committed to exceed customer satisfaction by providing the most superior customer protection all over the country.

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I love travelling and visiting new places and trying some extreme sports in my favourite places like Oludeniz.

In the mean time I still enjoy my lovely Saturday morning 5km park runs in Bromley Norman Park or Sunday tough races or cycling.